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chicken breast

Healthy Chicken Breast – Simple Chicken Recipes

Chicken recipes are the perfect option for everyone who wants to eat meat and stay on the healthy side. There are numerous chicken breast in oven recipes for preparing chicken breasts, but they often contain unhealthy or high-calorie ingredients, which do not necessarily translate into tasty. We bring you a simple yet delicious recipe with

Onion soup

Onion soup Recipe

A hearty onion soup recipe is particularly popular with both young and old in autumn and winter. Ingredients for 6 servings 700 ml Poultry or veal stock 100 G Gruyere cheese 1 Pc clove of garlic 1 prize nutmeg 3 Tbsp olive oil 0.5 Federation parsley 1 prize pepper 1 prize salt 50 G lard

Spaetzle dough

Spaetzle dough – A rare form of dough recipe and easy!

A spaetzle dough is easy and quick to make with this recipe. Homemade spaetzle tastes unbeatable. Ingredients for four servings -Spaetzle dough 2 Tbsp butter 3 Pc Eggs 250 G Flour 5 G salt 2 Tbsp Chives, chopped 50 ml of water Method: For the spaetzle dough, sieve the flour into a bowl and season

Orange tiramisu

Orange tiramisu – A flavored dessert like none to try!

You can conjure up a fruity dessert with this great recipe. Orange tiramisu not only looks fantastic, but it also tastes great. Ingredients for eight servings – Orange tiramisu 4th Tbsp Grand Marnier 2 Tbsp Cocoa powder, bitter 1 Pk Ladyfingers 500 G Mascarpone 6th Pc Oranges 500 G Quark 400 ml Whipped cream Method:

Simple Kaiserschmarrn with raisins

Simple Kaiserschmarrn with Raisins – Awesome sweet!

A simple Kaiserschmarrn is a worked and showed classically Austrian and popular dish. An excellent and delightful recipe with raisins. Ingredients for four servings – simple Kaiserschmarrn 4th Tbsp Butter for baking 4th Pc Eggs 130 G Flour 300 ml of milk 100 G powdered sugar 30th G Icing sugar for sprinkling 80 G Raisins

Ticino polenta recipe

Ticino polenta recipe

You can find an excellent recipe for the whole family here. The Ticino polenta recipe tastes heavenly. Ingredients for four servings 2 Tbsp Bouillon (powder) 40 G butter 2 Msp nutmeg 70 G Parmesan 1 prize pepper 270 G Polenta (corn semolina) 1 prize salt 1 l water Method: For the polenta, put the water

Basic muffin recipe

Basic Muffins Recipe – Who won’t love these muffins?

The basic muffins recipe can be varied with different fruits or with pieces of chocolate, depending on your preference. Ingredients for 12 servings – Basic Muffins Recipe 1 TL baking powder 200 G butter 4th Pc Eggs 200 G Flour 2 Pk vanilla sugar 120 G sugar Method: For the base dough for the basic



These juicy and chocolate brownies taste fantastic. A great recipe to recommend. Ingredients for 16 servings 250 G bitter chocolate 100 G butter 3 Pc Eggs 150 G Flour 80 G Nuts, chopped 1 prize salt 1 Pk vanilla sugar 200 G sugar Method: For our sweet brownies, first put the butter in a saucepan,

Classic roast pork

Classic roast pork

Roast pork is a classic that people like to prepare. With the help of this recipe, you can conjure this great dish easily and quickly. Ingredients for four servings 2 Tbsp oil 1 prize pepper 1 prize salt  And 1 Pk Sauce thickener 1 kg Roast pork  4th Tbsp mustard 2 Federation Soup greens (carrots,

Basic pizza dough recipe

Basic pizza dough recipe

The homemade pizza dough recipe is guaranteed to succeed with this simple basic recipe. You can top pizza dough with almost every ingredient. Ingredients for four servings 1 Pc Yeast cubes (20 grams) 100 ml lukewarm water 300 G Flour One prize Flour, for dusting. 0.125 l Milk, lukewarm 2 Tbsp olive oil 1 TL

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