Google WiFi Review

People hate unreliable WiFi. We usually experience annoyances like abrupt signal loss, baffling black spots in the house, and download grinding to a halt in our daily life. Fortunately, we have a solution in the form of mesh networking, the newest innovative Google WiFi.

Unlike a conventional system, where a single WiFi router covers the whole building along with a range extender to cover the gap, Google mesh WiFi spreads it out through discrete nodes, generated an interrelated web of intense coverage that overwhelms any dead areas.

Google WiFi is a flexible network that enables you to simply add any new node to spread the network coverage. In contrast to conventional range extenders where the signal is stretched, Google WiFi gives you the same performance across each node. It also comes with some advanced features like band-switching and client-switching that ensures a smooth and uninterrupted connection.

Unlike traditional systems, Google WiFi rejects the technical heavy design and makes use of a nominal and modest design for all of its nodes. The device has a cylindrical body having a ring with an LED light that serves as an indicator for the system. It has an attractive and clean appearance that easily fits into any home setting. It can be easily placed on any shelf without being noticed thanks to its small size.

Google WiFi is very easy to set up and you can easily install and configure it. If you have installed and used any Google’s Chromecast device already, you will know the setup and configure process for Google WiFi. The entire set-up is app-based unlike the browser-based set-up system used by many routers.

If your present Goggle WiFi router is serving well around your home, Google WiFi can decrease the performance of your network in the same circumstances if you are employing 3 pack system, this is what Google expects most users will do. This may seem counterintuitive but the mission of Google WiFi is not to enhance the performance of the network to its peak but to make the network’s performance reliable and consistent on an average.

Google WiFi is a system that doesn’t require you to mess with it once it is set-up. It is because of the intelligent software of Google that makes use of sensors and machine learning to tell which bands and channels to use, switching between them automatically to provide you the best possible signal. Client switching is another feature that automatically connects you to any of the nodes that provide better signal without having you to do anything.


Overall high efficiency and speed

Easy to set up and manage

Solid overall throughput speeds.

Top-level application

Unobtrusive, and good looking design


USB connection unavailable

No dedicated band control

Final thoughts
Google WiFi is a great choice for people who are searching for a simple way to get WiFi to each corner of the house. Google WiFi Mesh System delivers smooth wireless connectivity on one network. The whole system is easy to set-up and install. Overall, it looks great and provides solid throughput.

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