Nintendo Switch Review

The Nintendo Switch is a unique concept that grabs the attention of both new and old fans even if competitors provide better hardware on paper. Maintained by the vast stable of famous franchises of Nintendo, and facilitated by some admirable support for indie and older titles, there is an enormous library of hits to provide any sort of player a purpose to pick-up the Switch.

The switch itself is a bit rough tablet having thick bezels and a 6.2 inches touchscreen that supports a 720p resolution. It is an affordable choice with a solid construction having a metallic finish. This Nintendo Switch is the slickest, least obtrusive, and slimmest console ever made. The screen doesn’t support 1080p resolution but it is not a great issue. The 720p resolution is a practical aim for mobile gaming hardware.

The switch, along with the Joy-Cons has 4 x 9.4 x 0.55 inches dimension with 0.88 pounds weight which makes it a lightweight and easy to handle console for this generation. It has a 720p LCD display and a touch screen with the processing controlled by an Nvidia custom Tegra CPU.

The manufacturer claims the battery life for this switch from 3 to 6 hours depending on the brightness level, game, and whether the WiFi is on or off. The battery testing proves that an hour of the game played drains 36 percent of the battery and a house of charging recharge 47 percent battery with 100% brightness and WiFi turned on.

Just like the console itself, the Joy-Cons are versatile. The controls can be used together as two halves of one gamepad, or move on their sides to use as two isolated controllers for multiplayer gaming and local co-op. In the Joy-Cons, you will have HD Rumble for in-game feedback and a gyroscope, and an accelerometer for motion control. There is an extra IR sensor in the right Joy-Con that is used to control games and an NFC sensor for Amiibo figurines of Nintendo. This reveals additional content in particular titles.

The Nintendo Switch is very easy and simple to setup. The device is required to be informed whether Joy-Cons will be used separately or together. You will be pleased to learn the setting up process for this brand new Nintendo Switch as it is very simple. It is a bit difficult to pair the controllers as they can either be used separately or together.

You can create a Nintendo account for free. Users over 16 years can create a Nintendo account. Nintendo eShop obtains and content limits can be applied to controlled accounts with the help of Parental Controls.

Good-looking, advanced design
Admirable game library
Solid construction
Joy-Cons is easy to use in numerous configurations

Can’t transfer or copy saved files
The battery life is short
Online service requires work
Weak kickstand

Final thoughts
Nintendo took a step forward with its modern gaming system. This Nintendo switch is a completely functional game console similar to Wii U, and also be used as a handheld system just like 3DS. Between its wireless, detachable Joy-Con controllers and 6-inch tablet, Nintendo is discovering a few very exciting concepts with this switch.

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